To Alaska we go!


After months of excitement, anxiety and preparation….

I arrived in Anchorage last night to a GORGEOUS sunset against the rugged Alaskan mountains… and it was eleven o’clock !

This summer I wanted to save up some money for a trip/move overseas.. So after a just one phone interview, I landed a gig, slinging the dranks 6 days a week in Alaska’s Denali National Park. I’m hoping for new friends, experiences, and stories to come home with.

In hopes of inspiring anyone else to purse their dreams, of getting up and doing.. well…


I’ve decided to record this adventurous trip this year, share any tips & secret spots to go for anyone thinking of traveling up here, and keep the mamma happy 🙂

Here’s to now.. 

xx Jess



Inspiration vs. Motivation

This has always been a huge battle for me.I’ve always been known as the girl with the “idea” but never the followthrough.I’ve been working on following through more, and this is a major reason why I’m going on my trip.

You know that point in your life where you are just tired of looking at all of things you planned on accomplishing, but….never quite got there? Sometimes even the simpliest things can keep piling up.

Maybe your tired of drifting through your life with nothing of meaning to show for it.All I’ve got to say is that if I can go on this trip on my own, you really can’t have any excuse for not following your dreams because you don’t have time/money/motivation.The best advice I can give anyone if they want to plan a trip to Europe.

Book your flight and the rest will come with time.

You can always earn more money.  

Everyone needs time to grow .

Force yourself to be selfish. 


9 Days & counting for me. When will your countdown start?

xx Jess

Two Words

I must have missed the memo which said that you HAVE TO  look like you rolled out of bed while backpacking through Europe.

Every blog i’ve read on travel says Pack light, travel smart.  

Blowdryer? Out of the Question!

Straightener? Are you kidding me?

I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for every modern female when I decided to take these “rules”and give them a swift kick to the nuts.

Yes I’m backpacking across Europe. Does that mean I have to sacrifice my wonderful ability to make my bangs curl under the perfect amount? No.

Two words for you.. Travel Size.

So backpackers beware. This girl  is packing light and still bringing the heat. 🙂

66 days.

It’s only the beginning:

This all started in January. I was thinking about what my priorities where and what I wanted to do with this new found freedom I’ve gained. I wanted to move to Portland and start fresh.But I’ve always had this longing in me (not to be confused with my nonsensical love for ice-cream) to see the world and all that comes with it.

I needed a change, i needed a fresh start. Portland wasn’t enough.

I wanted to go to Europe, but the problem was finding a friend that had the time/money to go with me. After finding that I had no option to travel with a friend, I was very annoyed at the idea of giving up my trip just because of these circumstances.

Then I made the decision. I, Jessica, and American female, am going to Europe solo.

Yes for the 15th time,  i’ve seen Taken, and yes.. I have seen Hostel.

I don’t believe that people should stop living their life because of misconceptions and an overwhelming fear of the unknown.

Life is full of surprises.

They have been saying this since, well forever, and you know why? It’s true to every country, and every state. No matter where you are things might not go your way, but you have to learn to expect that and just run with it!

So here I am, getting ready for the bravest thing I’ve ever done. In 33 days my best friend will drive me to the Spokane airport, and I will board my very long journey (2o hours) to Santorini, Greece. From there I will spend a total of 33 days in Greece, Italy, France, and Ireland.

And so the final countdown continues. 33 days and counting every minute..